If you’re single and looking to mingle while you’re traveling, you’re not alone. Plenty of people meet the love of their lives while they are on vacation. Even more make the greatest memories with new faces, have wild adventures they will never forget, and get out of their comfort zone, all because they decided to go traveling on their own. The good news is that there are lots of places to go that are not only safe for traveling female singles, but they also offer a lot in the way of companionship: other solo travelers looking to meet people while they’re out exploring the world. Here are a few of the best places to consider for your next single travel adventure for men and women alike.

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Playa del Carmen is a popular tourist destination for both Mexican and international travelers, but beyond that, it’s also an expat haven. People around the world come here and stay for months, sometimes years. It’s no wonder, with its tropical white sand beaches and warm turquoise waters, that it’s such a magnet. So many long-term and short-term travelers here means lots in the way of friendly faces to meet. Whether you’re at the beach, strolling Fifth Avenue lined with shops, restaurants, and bars, or enjoying the vibrant nightlife Playa del Carmen has to offer, it won’t be long before someone approaches you to hang out. Or perhaps you’ll be the one to approach them.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is known for being a place for free-spirited and open-minded travelers, what with everything from drugs to prostitution being legal. The legality of these things has brought forth a culture of traveler comradery, much by way of Amsterdam’s notorious “coffee shops,” where it’s easy to start a conversation with a stranger because of the communal vibe. Aside from the fact that community is in no way difficult to come by, the city is gorgeous and lends itself to strolling for hours on ends through the cobblestone streets lined with historical architecture and the gorgeous canals. It’s also a cultural hub, museums aplenty to wander through at your leisure.

Ibiza, Spain

What better place to arrive as a single than what is known as the party capital of the world? Ibiza s the perfect place for singles, especially if you’re ready to dance the night (or day) away. The sun-soaked Mediterranean Spanish island is ripe with absolutely gorgeous beaches, music venues that attract the best DJs on the planet, and an atmosphere of singledom. Socializing is the name of the game in Ibiza. It’d be strange for someone to come here and not meet people, whether its at a pool party, a beach party, a street party, or at one of its infamous clubs.

Cognac, France

Just a short four hours by train from Paris, Cognac is the birthplace of that fancy after-dinner drink that many know and love, named after the charming town from which it came. There are practically distilleries around every corner with tastings and tours, and they offer an educational and fun thing to do alone, where it’s a built-in part of the experience to meet and chat with others. The Hennessey tour, in particular, is a popular one and a real treat for the sheer amount of history and technology it provides. Plus, if you’re staying at one of the hotels that have its own hotel bar, and you should, you won’t have to go far to experience the relaxed nightlife Cognac has to offer. Hotel bars in Cognac are the perfect place to chat up some other friendly travelers.

Austin, Texas

Austin has one of the best live music scenes in the world, with over 200 live music venues. And that’s not all. You might also consider its 300 days of sunny weather every year and the fact that it is home to the largest university in the United States. The tech industry is booming here as well, which means people are flooding in from all over the place. All of this is great news for singles. It means there are not only plenty of people to meet in Austin, but there are also lots of places at which to meet them. Check out Sixth Street, full of art galleries, cafes, tattoo parlors, concert halls, and craft bars. If you’re into casual outdoor sports, there are 25 miles of biking and jogging trails within the city. Plus, Lady Bird Lake trails offer relaxed but beautiful hikes. Whether you’re checking out the music scene, the art scene, the bar scene, or the sporty scene, Austin will not disappoint.

Negril, Jamaica

Reggae is not just music in Jamaica, it’s a lifestyle. If this interests you, Negril is a spot you won’t want to miss, especially if you’re traveling single. The reggae culture is one of friendliness, so meeting people ends up being easier than not meeting people, if you can believe that. There are so many reggae clubs at which to soak up the good vibes while dancing. And reggae music lends itself to solo dancing, so you can comfortably get out on the dance floor all by yourself. The likelihood that you’ll meet someone while getting your groove on is high, whether you’ve opted for a chill venue or an all-night wild party. And don’t forget about the epic Caribbean beaches Negril is famous for, attracting travelers from all over the globe.

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok hosts more than 20 million travelers every year. Whether they’re coming for the weather, the amazing food, the exoticness, or the very affordable prices, it is without a doubt a mecca for meeting new people (based on the numbers alone). Bangkok is known for its gorgeous, ancient architecture, so temple hopping is essentially a must here, not to mention a visit to some floating gardens. And while you’re at it, you’re likely to meet other travelers doing the same thing. Bangkok is also known for its party culture, and if you hit up Khao San Road, it will be impossible not to mingle with others. When night falls, there is an abundance of pop-up street bars, so just walking down the crowded street will have you bumping into new people ready to strike up a conversation just like you.